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$ 494.01 € 585.25 ₽ 6.47 ₾ 153.48 £ 646.41


An island for sale in Scotland at the price of an apartment

Buying a 42-acre uninhabited area will cost the buyer as much as an apartment in London.


An uninhabited island called Inchconnachan sells for ,000 500,000, which is said to be the price of an apartment in London.


The island is located in the center of Lake Loch Lomond. It is covered with dense vegetation and has been considered uninhabited for 20 years.


The island can only be reached by boat. There is a wooden house on the island, built in the 1920s. It will be demolished, և the buyer has been given permission to build a five-room house.


New residents will also have the opportunity to build a boat station and an additional hut.


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