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"Raising property taxes in this way is like technology to destroy people. it is inadmissible. " Hakob Baghdasaryan

It is unacceptable to raise property taxes in Armenia at this stage, and if we have a pensioner receiving 26,000 drams in the country, we do not have legislation that will not tax 68,000 drams, so it will increase the property tax several times before solving these and other issues. even to the point of political tension. Hakob Baghdasaryan, President of Akcern Holding, said on 168 TV's "Review" program today.


"Both nature, life and the economy have the ability to punish. The sum of errors can lead to negative consequences, the deterioration of the economic situation will lead to the deterioration of the political situation. these are interconnected. The question also arises as to why the Government went to this decision at this moment. Today, if 1-2 billion drams were collected from the society in the form of property tax, up to 100 billion drams will be collected after this change, which means that so much money will be directed to the community budget from the society and people's turnover and will be spent for only a few hundred people. . That money will go out of circulation in our market, $ 100 million will be taken out of our already small turnover, and it will have repercussions, just as they did after a few mistakes made before the Velvet Revolution, such as speedometers, etc. Before they collected $ 50 million, they directed it in the direction of 10 people, which led to dissatisfaction, and those political developments took place, "Baghdasaryan said.


According to him, the increase of the property tax is an option for the Government to collect money quickly, which will have its consequences in a few years.


"Besides, with the increase of property tax, for example, a pedagogue receiving 26 thousand drams will have to sell his apartment in the Center, move to another place, and it is like a slow suicide technology. It is not accidental that, for example, YSU or the Medical University are located in the heart of the city, and not, say, on the outskirts. Its goal is to keep the intellectuals in the heart of the city, and now moving them to the outskirts is like the technology of destroying people, and that is inadmissible, ”Baghdasaryan said.










04 / 06 / 2020 22 : 23

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