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Icardi. "Neymar is not really what he is imagined to be"

PSG striker Mauro Icardi spoke about his teammates Neymar and Killian Mbape.


"In fact, Neymar is not what he is thought to be. And we know very well what he is like. And when you know the man so well, you can find a wonderful language with him, because Neymar is far from what the media says. He is always happy and gets along well with those around him. And he is very modest. It can be very natural, because as a result we are all a big family and we spend almost all our time together. And Neymar's good mood helps us feel good.


Everything I said about Neymar is about Mbape. He is still young, but he has already achieved great results. He is incredibly mature for his age. "His behavior affects the mood of all members of the team," Icardi was quoted as saying by France Football.







29 / 07 / 2020 18 : 25

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