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Потерянная ставка. Рубашка Робертсона рядом с Месси в доме Чемберлена

Liverpool midfielder Alex-Oxlade-Chamberlain has lost a bet to team-mate Andrew Robertson.


In 2019, Chamberlain told Robertson that there was only one player in his home, Leo Messi.


At that time Robertson said: "I will take it off if I make 10 assists this season."


In September, Chamberlain spoke again on the subject.


"We bet on the number of assists. "If Robertson makes 10 assists in the Premier League this season, I will hang his shirt on the wall, it will be next to Messi's shirt."


After 37 rounds, Robertson made 11 assists in the Premier League.





24 / 07 / 2020 18 : 10

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