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The NA President and the HRD discussed the results of fact-finding activities on shelling of civil settlements of Tavush region

The NA President and the Human Rights Defender discussed the results of fact-finding activities on shelling of civil settlements of Tavush region


Today, the Presidnet of the National Assembly Mr. Ararat Mirzoyan had a working meeting with the the Human Rights Defender Mr. Arman Tatoyan. The Defender presented to the NA Presidnet the results of the fact-finding activities on the shelling of Berd, Chinari, Aygepar, Nerkin Karmiraghbyur and a number of other civilian settlements of Tavush region by the Azerbaijani armed forces.


Mr. Arman Tatoyan, in particular, noted that the human rights fact-finding work revealed reliable evidence that the Azerbaijani armed forces had shelled the peaceful settlements of Armenia in a way that was obviously dangerous for the lives of the civilian population and their health. This is evidenced by the damage done to the houses of the residents.


The fact-finding activities also indicate to the gross violations of the norms of international humanitarian law. The shelling was carried out in the direction of a textile factory during working hours, which produces medical masks for the prevention of the new coronavirus. In Chinari, the shelling was carried out in the direction of the village school, as evidenced by the unexploded mortars.


The Human Rights Defender noted that the reliable data obtained from the primary source, the results of the necessary studies will be sent to international organizations, as well as to the relevant state and public human rights organizations in Armenia.


The President of the National Assembly highlighted the data provided by the Human Rights Defender and stressed the urgent need to protect the civilian population.


Mr. Ararat Mirzoyan noted that he has been following the events from the very first day of the shelling in the direction of Tavush region. Moreover, on his initiative a working group has been established in the Parliament, which analyzes the received data, ensures the contact with both local and international partners.


The President of the Armenian Parliament strongly condemned the targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure by the Azerbaijani armed forces, as well as the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan about the missile attack on the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).


At the end of the meeting, the Human Rights Defender stressed the importance of the NA President’s human rights based approach to such issues, as well as the approaches of the President of the Parliament to fact-finding works.

The parties stressed that the stable high level cooperation between them is a guarantee of effective work, and agreed to continue such discussions.

18 / 07 / 2020 12 : 55

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