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Large forces of Armenian army to be engaged in Russia's military exercises

During the ongoing military exercises, the Armed Forces of Armenia carry out joint actions with the Russian Armed Forces, particularly the Russian 102nd Military Base in the territory of Armenia and at other military training schools. This is what Deputy Head of Vazgen Sargsyan Military University, military expert and ex-spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia Artsrun Hovhannisyan told reporters today, touching upon the implementation of surprise military exercises in the southern and western military districts of the Russian Federation during this period.


“Russia is a big country with a powerful army and can often allow itself to carry out such operations. I can’t comment on the relationship between those operations and political events. During these military exercises with the Russian 102nd Military Base, rather large troops of the Armed Forces of Armenia will be engaged in the military exercises, particularly tanks, artillery, motorized rifles, etc.”


A reporter also recalled the Armenian-Russian joint military group and, in response to a question on how the military group will act, if there is a danger on the borders of Armenia, Hovhannisyan said the Armenian-Russian joint military group has its action plan.


Touching upon Turkey’s military-technical support to Azerbaijan, Hovhannisyan said this is not new.







18 / 07 / 2020 03 : 06

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