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"For I am sure the addressee will read this"

How should the peace calls coming from Armenia be understood by M. Alieva?


For I am sure the addressee will read this:


Mehriban Alieva should understand that, as she says, the fight for the homeland is indeed sacred.


There is just one problem: you have invented a homeland for yourself that never belonged to you, you want to usurp someone else's homeland, and that is impossible. This is not a military-patriotic pathos, this is a reality that you and your "husband" would need to put up with. You will never hear a ‘’mugham’’ in Artsakh with or without invitation.


Therefore here is guidance from the Armenian society in case you misunderstood the "peaceful" calls coming from Armenia.


We do not cry for peace, we have impelled it on you ... ALWAYS. Our mothers and sisters strive for peace, but they have not forged weapons into ornaments. We are able to defend our land through a genuine sacred struggle. Just yesterday Grigory Khachaturov and our soldiers have proved that to you.


Do not be fooled by camouflage, flowers and pathos, don’t take it seriously, we are vigilant. We are strong and we speak of peace from a position of strength. No one is afraid of your edgy plea and never was. Ask Ganira and Seminj and they will tell you. You are deceiving the Azerbaijani people, but that is your problem. However you will not be able to deceive the Armenian people. Peace is our tomorrow, and to achieve it we must be ready for a war today. We are ready. Our soldiers are ready. They say that there is no good war and bad peace. I would say- there is a victorious war and a dignified peace. And this is the choice of our people.


14 / 07 / 2020 12 : 32

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