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Mushroom poisoning in Kurtan. The condition of 3 of the injured is assessed as severe, 2 - as moderate

Today, 5 residents of Kurtan community of Lori region applied to Stepanavan Medical Center. Upon recall of the disease, he was diagnosed with "acute exogenous mushroom poisoning". The RA Ministry of Health informs about this.

The patients were provided with the necessary medical care and transported to Yerevan by ambulance to continue their treatment. The condition of 3 of the injured is assessed as severe, and the condition of 2 as moderate.

According to the patients, the latter ate mushrooms they had picked from the forest.


In order to avoid further mushroom poisoning, the Ministry of Health warns:

• Do not eat mushrooms of unknown origin in food;

• Do not pick mushrooms from roadside;


• Do not use pictures as a basis for distinguishing between edible and poisonous mushrooms, as poisonous mushrooms often grow near edible mushrooms and may look very similar.

• To differentiate between mushrooms, not to accept the folk myths that insects and other animals do not approach poisonous mushrooms, or during cooking the silver dries and the mushroom broth dries.

• Do not eat raw mushrooms,

• Do not feed children mushrooms;

• People with gastrointestinal problems are not advised to eat mushrooms,


• Do not use alcohol with mushrooms, as it activates a number of toxic substances.

• Do not store fresh mushrooms for more than 1 day, even in refrigerated conditions.

• Do not engage in self-medication.






12 / 07 / 2020 19 : 30

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