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Prosperous Armenia Party asks that former ruling party’s support be invisible at this stage

YEREVAN. – Irates daily writes: It is said that the passivity of the RPA [former ruling Republican Party of Armenia] in the issue of the PAP [opposition Prosperous Armenia Party] is conditioned by the fact that the PAP has asked the latter that the RPA's support not be visible at this stage.


However, on the first day, there were a large number of Republicans among the protesters.


By the way, no matter how much the PAP does not name [ex-President] Robert Kocharyan in any way, there has been participation from that wing as well; the latter are convinced that the "camel" has knocked on everyone's door, and the differences must be overcome in order to get rid of the "dry" that has covered the country.


At the same time, in the first days there were fewer people from the forces united around the PAP among the protesters than from the "rejected" ones, which the PAP took very hard. However, the previous day, the "alliance" corrected its mistake by appearing in front of the court with the leaders.


19 / 06 / 2020 10 : 16

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