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"The government has been hosted 42 times, the opposition 4-5 times. Has this provided a variety of opinions in the Public Service? ” Samsonyan

Ani Samsonyan, a member of the "Bright Armenia" party, said at today's sitting of the National Assembly that during the presentation of the annual program of the TV and Radio Commission, the report said that the Public Television mainly provided views on political, economic and social issues in news programs and interviews. "In one of the programs of the political interview genre, the authorities were hosted about 42 times, and the opposition - 4-5.


Do you think that this ratio ensures the diversity of political opinion? ”Samsonyan asked RFA President Tigran Hakobyan. "There were reports in the news in which no dissenting opinion was presented, no opportunity was given to clarify, and in the public-political discussions the balance of the parties was not maintained," the MP added. Tigran Hakobyan first noticed that his report refers to the previous year.


"I do not rule out that this year the situation will be better if you think there is a deviation. In addition, we are not talking about equality between the opposition and the authorities, and there is no such legislative requirement in any country. We are talking about diversity of opinion. I assure you that even two different people in your faction may have different opinions about the sexual upbringing of children. The problem is not the representation of different forces, but the pluralism we have mentioned. By law, the commission monitors diversity and is not authorized to engage in editorial policy. I assure you that according to our research, last year Hanrayin was mainly able to provide different views. "







17 / 06 / 2020 17 : 59

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