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"We bring solidarity to Armenia." Arthur Vanetsyan

Aravot newspaper published the statement of Arthur Vanetsyan, former director of the National Security Service and leader of the Homeland Party.


"Nikol Pashinyan's rule will remain in the history of Armenia as a period of uncertainty, natural collapse and unhappiness. In the conditions of the ruling anarchy, shameful failures continue in almost all spheres.


But there is a much more important issue than the failures and failures of the current government. The shattered economy can be rebuilt, the destroyed educational and social systems can be rebuilt. It is even possible to rebuild relations with allied and friendly states, which have been overshadowed and damaged by the consistent disregard for power. In other words, any sphere destroyed by Pashinyan can be restored only by the will, the ability to govern and the right people.


But what I want to talk about is not only very difficult to restore, but its decay can also have irreversible consequences. We are talking about public solidarity. If it were strong, the remaining problems (economic, social, defense, etc.) would be predictable and solvable, but the problem is that with Nikol Pashinyan's light hand, public solidarity has been doomed to gradual disintegration and disintegration.


It has been two years since the internal efforts of the Armenian authorities unleashed a deep internal conflict in the domestic environment. It is an invisible challenge, as a result of which the public structure is smoothly worn out and exhausted. My prediction is that the final stage of this process will be the hostility of public groups and the stratification of people. In other words, various conflicting and conflicting environments are being formed, which will one day collide in the physical realm as well. In other words, "everyone is fighting against everyone," and this uninterrupted "war" is the source of the "legitimacy" of the Pashinyan government. This is an invisible challenge and much more dangerous than its neighbors, who are hostile to Armenia.


We know that Azerbaijan is an enemy state and it is from this knowledge that the predictability of the challenge and the sequence of our actions are formed. But we do not know exactly how far the internal conflict in our society has reached and what manifestations it may have. Historical experience suggests that internal conflicts explode, especially in the most unexpected moments when no one expects them.


Public solidarity is not a sublime and beautiful thing, it is the primary indicator of the resilience and viability of our state. If there is no solidarity, the Republic of Armenia is doomed. Perhaps this is our primary message, which I want to convey to everyone - citizens, friends, opponents and my stubborn critics.


We want to stop this big storm and bring solidarity to our state. The storm must be followed by peace, chaos by order, and madness by reason.



16 / 06 / 2020 17 : 58

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