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What has changed in football since quarantine?

European football is almost completely back. The Bundesliga has resumed a month ago, and in recent days the ball has started rolling in Spain and Italy. At first glance, everything is the same - 22 players and one ball, and the priceless joy that pervades the world when the smell of football dominates everyone's home.


Weeks ago, Messi made an announcement. "Neither football nor life will be the same." It is difficult to use another word, but at least in the near future football will definitely not be the first. After the resumed games, one can do the first research, what changes have taken place, what unusual circumstances and events there are. Here are five things to look for when selecting yours.


"Neutral" stadiums


The main change in "new football" is the stadiums without spectators. This factor was so important that the option of not resuming football was even discussed until the fans returned to the stands. The lack of fans at the stadium also caused a lot of financial damage to the clubs, but let's look at everything from a sports point of view.


In fact, all stadiums become neutral. The advantage of the home stadium factor disappears. The teams play without the support of the fans, only gates, grass and the ball. Borussia Dortmund, for example, would probably have fought harder against Bayern if they had the breath of the famous "yellow wall" of "Signal Iduna" behind them. In this respect, UEFA's preliminary decision is correct. Holding Champions League games in neutral stadiums will at least reduce the number of trips and the resulting risks.


"Blitz" championships


Other sports, such as chess, have blitz tournaments. when the playing time is less than usual, when the games are very frequent, when everything is decided too quickly. In football, this phenomenon is unprecedented and unusual, but the coronavirus epidemic breaks all stereotypes in terms of precedents.


The domestic championships, which were long and lasted for months, will take place in blitz format, there will be football every day, many coaches will not have time to develop tactics and have time to think, and many of the players will not be able to recover physically. All this, unfortunately, will lead to a qualitative decline.


Learn to watch some games for 45 minutes


The causal link of the previous point will be the "playing" of the grand clubs for 45 minutes. Clubs fighting for the championship will try to decide the outcome of the game in the first 45 minutes, and in the second half to turn on the "economy mode" and "disperse with the houses." Of course, it will not work every time, because it will not be possible to solve the problems of all the rivals in 45 minutes, but the "Real" - "Eibar" game is the brightest example of this process. "Real" was transformed in the second half in such a way that "Eibar" almost returned the intrigue of the game.


5 changes


Of course, the leaders of the football authorities came up with a solution to relieve the players of physical activity and injuries, and that is to introduce 5 rules of change in each game.


The players of the second plan will benefit from all this, a number of young people and reserves will have more playing time and will be able to show their abilities, and the coaches will be able to do tactical and positional tests in the matches that have already decided the outcome of the game.


Changing traditions


A number of traditions, which were an integral part of football, have changed after this break, starting from the first minutes of the game. For example, teams don't greet each other before games.


The reserve players take their places in the tribune, at a social distance, there are no journalists on the grass, they are also in the tribune. Bolboys are wearing masks and gloves, and we can only see 3-4 people on the presidential balcony. The strangest change we see is the virtual gratitude of the players to the fans after the game. It's sad, at the same time a beautiful gesture.


This is the new reality in football, which both the players and the fans still have to adapt to.


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16 / 06 / 2020 16 : 33

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