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One of the fairest and most professional organizations in Europe. Happy birthday to UEFA

UEFA is one of the most popular organizations not only in Europe but all over the world.


It is known for its great activities, their goal is to develop football throughout Europe, and we can say for sure that they have succeeded.


The company was founded on June 15, 1954 in Basel.


The headquarters are located in Nyon.


The company was founded thanks to the cooperation of the Italian, French and Belgian federations. The first director of the company was Ebbe Schwartz, and the first secretary was Henri Delone. The company organizes three major club tournaments.


UEFA Presidents

Name Country Management Time:
1. Ebbe Schwartz 1954-1962
2. Gustav Viederker 1962-1972
3. Artemio Frank 1972-1983
4. Jacques George 1983-1990
5. Lennart Johansson 1990-2007
6. Michel Platini 2007-2015
- Angel-Maria Villar (d.p.) 2015—2016
7. Alexander Chafferin 2016 — present


Name Country Management Time:
1. Henri Delaunay 1954-1955
2. Pierre Delaunay 1955-1960
3. Hans Bangert 1960-1989
4. Gerhard Gardens 1989-2003
5. Lars-Christer Wilson 2003-2007
6. Dide Taylor 2007-2009
7. Gianni Infantino / 2009 - 2016
8. Theodore Theodoridis 2016 — present

UEFA is a member of all European countries, UEFA is doing everything in Europe to develop this beautiful game - football, we can say with confidence that they have succeeded.


UEFA ranks first in continental football associations.


UEFA organizes three major tournaments: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Euro.


The latter is held every four years, and the rest every year. The tournaments are completely professional and have a high financial progress every year.


The current president is Alexander Cheferin, who visited Armenia-Italy last year and met with the former Prime Minister and former FFA President.


It should be noted that Henrikh Mkhitaryan's sister Monica Mkhitaryan also works at UEFA.


We can say that UEFA is one of the most professional organizations in Europe.

Happy Birthday UEFA.

Grisha Margaryan







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