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Конe приближается к рекорду Маркоса Пиззелли, Ной становится непобедимой командой

After the matches of the 21st round, "Ararat-Armenia" presented a very serious bid to win the title of champion for the second year in a row, 7 points ahead of the nearest pursuers 7 rounds before the end of the championship.


Vnews presented the most remarkable events of the tour in the form of 10 facts.


1 ․ The tour was won by the guests, who had not won in the previous two rounds. The hosts celebrated two victories and drew the same number of games. In 46 of the 98 matches played in the championship, the hosts won, in 29 of them the guests won, and in 23 games a draw was registered.


8 goals were scored in 4 games, 4 of which were scored by the Legionnaires. In 98 matches in the championship, 268 goals were scored (average 2.73 goals per game).


The tension of the matches of the top six is ​​evidenced by the fact that in 5 out of 9 matches a draw was registered, in 3 the hosts won, and one of them ended in a victory for the guests. Only 17 goals were scored in 9 games, with an average of 1.88 goals per game.


2 ․ Out of 123 players who played in the 8 teams that took part in the matches of the 21st round of the championship, only 44 were Armenians. 26 of them were included in the starting lineups. At the beginning of the match, the maximum number of Armenian players played for Pyunik (8) and Urartu (6), who have no other problem to solve in the championship. In total, 21 of the 32 players who took part in the Pyunik-Urartu match were Armenians.


Meanwhile, 91 football players took part in 3 matches with the participation of the teams of the top six, of which only 23 were Armenian. Only 12 of them were included in the starting lineups. Moreover, no Armenian football player was included in the starting lineups of "Ararat" and "Noah". 2 Armenian football players each started the game in "Alashkert" and "Ararat-Armenia", 3 in "Lori". Most Armenian football players (5) were included in the starting lineup of "Shirak". In total, 9 Armenian residents of Shirak took part in the match with "Lori". Zaven Badoyan was the only Armenian among the 15 players who took part in the match against Noah at Ararat.


3 ․ "Ararat-Armenia" celebrated its first victory in the tournament of the strongest six, remaining faithful to the regularity registered in the meetings with "Alashkert". It should be reminded that in the first 3 matches of the championship among the rivals, the success was accompanied by the guests ("Ararat-Armenia" won twice, "Alashkert" once). And in the next 3 games the hosts won (twice - "Ararat-Armenia", once - "Alashkert"). And now the host team "Ararat-Armenia" won again.


"Ararat-Armenia" is the most successful in the spring part of the championship, scoring 14 points in 6 matches. 7 games "Ararat-Armenia" is undefeated.


4 ․ "Noah" set a new team record of invincibility, not losing to the rivals in the last 5 games (3 wins, 2 draws). "Noah" surpassed the result registered in the 11th-14th rounds of the previous championship, when it remained undefeated in 4 games, celebrated one victory, and ended in a draw in 3 games.


5 ․ "Shirak" does not manage to beat "Lori" in the championship, in which it lost 2 out of 7 matches, 5 of which ended in a draw. The residents of Vanadzor have not yet managed to win the tournament of the strongest six, ending all 3 games in a draw.


6 ․ Mori Kone, who tops the list of top scorers in the league, scored the 16th goal and was included in the top 25 most effective legionnaires of the RA championships. The Ivorian footballer was also included in the top ten most effective legionnaires in one season, leaving out of the list the former Shirak player Serj Deble (who scored 15 goals in 2013/14) and Ararat-Armenia striker Anton Kobyalko (2018/19). It should be reminded that the record holder in the number of goals scored by foreign players in one season is Marcos Pizzelli, who in 2007 In "Ararat" he was recognized as the best striker of the championship with 22 goals.


For the second time in the current championship, Mori Kone scored the goal for "Lori" and became the best striker of "Shirak" in the meetings with the people of Vanadzor.


7 ․ Newcomer to Ararat-Armenia Yusuf Otubanjo has already scored four goals in six games in the league, including the top ten scorers in the team, led by Anton Kobalyalko with 19 goals.


8 ․ Erik Azizyan from Pyunik opened the scoring in the Premier League, and Sargis Shahinyan scored the first goal for Lori. It is interesting that in the RA championships he opened the score of his goals in the autumn, capturing the goal of "Lori" in the starting round as a part of "Alashkert".


Abraham Portugalyan opened the scoring for Urartu, scoring his fourth goal in the Premier League. The previous 3 goals were scored by Portugalyan in the autumn part of the championship in "Yerevan", one of which was "Pyunik's" goal.


9 ․ Alexander Glishich scored the 7th goal in "Alashkert" and was included in the official competitions in the top ten strikers of all the years of the team, leaving out of the list Arsen Balabekyan, who scored 6 goals. Glishich, 28, scored two goals in the spring of the championship He scored a new age record for the Legionnaires. Daniel Stojkovic scored one goal at that age.


10 ․ 27-year-old Urartu goalkeeper Arsen Beglaryan played his 140th game in the Premier League and surpassed the old record of former Mika goalkeeper Felix Hakobyan. At that age, the latter often defended the goal entrusted to him 139 times more often than all the goalkeepers. Beglaryan set the 4th age record. He also holds the record for the number of goalkeepers aged 23-25 ​​in the number of games played. The absolute record holder is the oldest participant of the current championship, George Kasparov, who has 12 age records.









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