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The strangest sports of the 21st century

In the modern world, with the constant improvement of technology and the changes that are taking place, new sports are emerging that are interesting, challenging and yet completely undiscovered.


Today we have decided to collect some of them, which, as unusual and strange as they may seem, may become popular in the future and gather in stadiums.


It is difficult to say how many of them entered Armenia and how familiar they are with Armenians.


Earthing. It is one of the sports born in the 21st century and combines speed and swimming. The sport was created by Mark Aaron Sos in 2013 in Denmark. Athletes are called earthlete.


The running competitions are 60 meters long, after which the athlete continues the competitions with a 50-meter swim. The first athlete to hit the pool wall wins.


Hantis. The sport has been practiced in one of the schools in the US state of Kentucky since 2005. After the lessons, the students played tennis on 4 tables at once to involve as many people as possible in the game process. Hantis is an attractive variety of table tennis that requires great flexibility, quick reaction and mobility.


By controlling 4 tables at once, the players have to move as fast as possible, which makes the sport extremely dynamic and unusual.


The players next to each other are considered teammates. A maximum of 12 players can play on 4 tables.


Tugball. It is a unique ball with a belt and 8 ropes. Such a ball design allows you to play traditional games with a completely new approach. Many people like to stretch the rope, but thanks to Tugball, completely different feelings arise, physical abilities are tested and fun is provided.


The sport was born during a physical education class, the author of which is Matt Henz, who designed the ball. The idea of ​​a special use of the ball arose while following the students pulling the rope


Supa Punt. They play one against one or two against two, using only their feet. Players try to gain a territorial advantage and score points. The elongated ball must be taken out of the 2-meter line using only 7 seconds. In other words, after touching the ball, the player has only 7 seconds to hit it.


The sport was born in Australia in 2015 to John Luke. The creator of the game thinks that it is very easy and everyone can quickly master Supa Punt.


Hammerfield. After watching The Avengers in 2012, Dave Simpson was inspired by Thor's game and came up with a new sport. The Hammerfield sport, based on the lightning god Tori Melnir hammer, has emerged. According to mythology, Melnir never missed his target and always found himself in the right hand of Thor, he was the only one who could raise his hammer.


In the sport, the hammer is either thrown at the target or hit by a jump. And the role of the target is the bell, which hangs at a height of 3 meters. Each team consists of 8 participants, 4 of whom are bearers of the hammer, the rest are soldiers. Holders of hammers are responsible for the units, the soldiers are engaged in defense.


The field for Hammerfield is 68 meters wide and 100 meters long, with 6 safe zones in each half, 6 meters wide. Each safe zone is divided into 2 parts. In the center of the playing field is the central safe zone, which consists of 8 meters. The first safe zone is for hammer protection, 2 are free for everyone.


Knuckle Racket. The game was created in 2009 in Miami by Jose Castillo. It includes boxing and racket. Participants say the sport is challenging but fun at the same time.


Castillo wanted to combine boxing and racket in Racquetball Square and as a result got something new. It is especially helpful and improves joint function.


The participants hold special rockets in each hand and try to push them back to their flying balls. As in squash, the wall is used. Knuckle Racket can also be played by 2 participants, the principle remains the same. It can be held both indoors and outdoors.


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