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Players who could become legends

Utbol players could become legendary footballers, but something prevented them. We present you the football players who could become legendary football players.


Giovanni dos Santos


Do you remember him? We think so. In 2008, he was already part of the main team of Barcelona, ​​he was going to replace and replace well-known partners. 28 matches and 3 goals for the debut season. The trust of Rajkaard (Barcelona head coach), which was very important!


Transfer - the beginning of the eclipse of the player Tottenham. They could not take advantage of global talent for more than three years. Rental and personal problems have begun. Before leaving abroad dos dos Santos helped Villarreal with a good game. Then the footballer played for the Galaxy, where the Mexican became the leader. It is noteworthy that, despite the irregular game in the clubs, dos Santos has always been the focus of attention of the Mexican team and looked very good there. However, a career of world talent has never “ignited” a great football player with the right to call himself a legend.





Arsene Wenger knew how to find young talents even before searching for the best clubs.


Danielson, who made 12 matches for Sao Paulo, was immediately needed by the Frenchman. Wenger did not lose. Midfielder was very harmonious with the team. After the departure of Silva and Flamini, he became a leader. He played 51 games in the 2008-2009 season. There are not many games like this. It is more a trauma than a desire. He has been suffering from injuries since 2009. Failed to fully recover. Denilson has been playing at home for a long time.



Stefan El Sharav


Debut at age 15 for Genoa, transfer to Rossoneri camp, great start at Milan. In the 2012-2013 season, Stefan was only 20 years old, but he played 42 games in all competitions for Milan, scoring 19 goals. Milan has been waiting for such a young player for a long time. He came, grew up and took the club with him. The tale of the hopes and expectations of the “Milan” fans ended the next season, and instead of the Italian crisis began. A year later, he began attending various clubs for a fee.


In the past, of course, he was the main player in the Italian team, we will not forget that. The 27-year-old footballer now has a big contract with the Chinese Super League.



Ibrahim Afellay


He was a “monster” for PSV almost every season during the Dutch championship. It is impossible to say about Afella that only injuries are to blame (although the cruciate ligament injury has already played a negative role at the Spanish stage of his career) or only his character. At first he moved from PSV at a conscious age. Secondly, difficulties have already begun in Barca, because you must be prepared to compete with the best of the best. 5 unfinished years for Barcelona և 21 matches. This is insignificant, even taking into account the fees at Schalke and Olympiacos, where the Dutchman also played a little.


However, he played more than 50 matches for the Dutch national team. There they believed him and even called him from the bench of the Catalan club.





Sir Alex himself insisted on the signature of this boy. Of course, like Wenger, he just felt “inside” all the talented guys. In 2007, a young Brazilian moved from Porto to Manchester United for 25 million pounds. Confidence must be justified. Moreover, he was considered talented not only at Manchester United. Anderson constantly received calls from the Brazilian national team. For the first three years, he often replaced his red devils in midfield, and everyone liked it. However, he hardly liked this role. Not obeying the coach, he gained a reputation as a football player who did not follow the rules of disobedience. Then he damaged the crossbar and said goodbye to big football. Now he plays at home. His best years were in the second half of the 2000s.



Boyan Krkic


The Spaniard is an example of the fact that the transition from youth football to adult football is sometimes painful and unpredictable. He scored 900 goals in 7 seasons for Barcelona youth teams. He admired youth teams. The debut in Barcelona at the age of 17 promised only positive thoughts to the future striker. 10 goals in the same season, a new contract with space compensation. What will happen next? 100 goals in one season? "Golden balls?" However, this was not so, and he played 100 matches for the Catalans. Then injuries and an aimless series appeared. Subsequently leased. “Roma”, “Milan”, “Ajax”, “Stoke City”. Moreover, he did not score 10 goals in any club in one season.



Alexander Pato


This is not to say that the career of this football player failed. Throughout his career, he continued to score goals even in China, but honestly, Pato was supposed to be a world star. He has already done everything for this in Milan. Almost every year in the ranks of the Rossoneri was rich and impressive. Statistics confirm this. He was at the peak of his physical form when he had to work harder to become better. It is not clear why Alexander left for the Corinthians in 2013, and then to São Paulo, in fact, ending his European career. He, unlike other players in the series, had no injuries. He was looking for a comfort zone.



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