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"I can now say that I am half Armenian." Former Lori head coach David Campania's letter

Former Lori head coach David Campania said goodbye to Lori. The team led by him performed very well.


It could be said that he was one of the best coaches in the history of the Premier League, but thanks to Covid-19, "Lori" could not extend his contract with the coach.


"Lori" became an unstoppable team led by him. Watching the game of "Lori", you understand what a team game is.


After all this, when David Kampanyan left Lori, he wrote a touching letter that Armenian football fans liked very much.


"I could not return to Armenia because my work permit had expired. The Lori FC administrator had a copy of my passport, but he did nothing. Lori sent me a letter stating that I was the team's head coach. but that was not enough, I could not return to Armenia without a work permit.


The deadline expired not only for me, but also for my assistants. I asked them to stay in Armenia to start training the team as soon as they got permission to train, and I had to return in a few days as soon as there was a flight.
My assistants have already returned to Spain. The club still has financial obligations to us. I hope this issue will be resolved soon.


Every day I enjoyed my work and Armenian cuisine. The people of Vanadzor treated us very well.

I leave a lot of friends in Armenia, now I can say that I feel half Armenian. I still have a lot to do in Armenia and I hope to do more.


The Armenian players surprised me, I didn't expect them to have such a high level, they just need the right training process so that they can grow.


I want to thank the fans of Lori. They were with us both after the victories and after the defeats. I only wish the club well. I really want to see the team in European competitions. ”


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06 / 06 / 2020 22 : 04

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