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Ararat-Armenia is unable to capture the gate of Lori for 276 minutes

After the matches of the 20th round, the struggle in the championship race intensified even more.


We present the most remarkable events of the tour in the form of 10 facts.


1 ․ The round was won by the hosts, who celebrated two victories and drew one game. It is already the second round in a row that the guests do not manage to win in any way. In 46 of the 94 matches in the championship, the hosts won, in 27 the guests won, and in 21 games a draw was registered.


Only 3 goals were scored in 3 games, the authors of which were the Legionnaires. 260 goals were scored in 94 matches of the championship (average 2.76 goals per game).


2 ․ In the current championship, "Ararat-Armenia" does not manage to find the key to "Lori's" goal, which has been firmly closed for 276 minutes in the matches with the champion. The last time Ararat-Armenia scored against Lori was in the 84th minute of the match in Yerevan on April 19 last year. Anton Kobyalko stood out.


It should be noted that "Lori" did not manage to capture the champion's goal for a longer period of 460 minutes. And only on November 23 of last year, in the 11th minute of the 6th match of the championship among the rivals in Vanadzor, Ruslan Zaerko finally managed to score the first goal for "Ararat-Armenia".


3 ․ In recent years, "Ararat" has not managed to score a point in the match against "Shirak" in Gyumri. The residents of Shirak celebrated the 5th victory in a row against "Ararat" at home. The last time "Ararat" scored a point in Gyumri was in 2017. In the November 25 match, they won thanks to the only goal scored by Andranik Kocharyan in extra time.


4 ․ "Noah" started the spring part of the championship very successfully, scoring 10 points in 5 matches. In the last 4 rounds, "Noah" is undefeated, celebrating 3 victories. "Noah" repeated the team record of invincibility, which was set in the 11th-14th rounds of the previous championship. At that time, the team celebrated one victory and drew 3 games.


5 ․ Alashkert lost to Noah in the second game of the current championship. Meanwhile, Alashkert had a significant advantage in the previous 5 games of the championship among the rivals, celebrating 3 victories and ending 2 in a draw. Moreover, only in the 4th game, "Noah" finally captured the opponent's goal.


6 ․ Mori Kone, who tops the list of top scorers in the league, scored his 15th goal and was included in the top ten most effective players in "Shirak" in one season. The record holder is Jean-Jacques Bougouhi, who in 2014/15. In the championship, "Shirak" scored 21 goals with "Cesar Romero" from Phoenix and was recognized as the best striker of the tournament.


Kone is significantly ahead of the previous season's top scorers Ivailo Dimitrov and Jonel Desire, who scored 10 goals in 20 games. With average performance (0.75 goals per game), Conne is Shirak's all-time leading scorer, beating second-placed Jean-Jacques Bougouhi by 0.63 (23 goals in 36 games).


7 ․ Solomon Ime Udo opened the scoring in the current championship. At his expense, 9 goals have been scored in the Premier League, 7 of which were scored in "Shirak" and 2 in "Urartu". Udo has played more than all of the legionnaires in the league, 123 games in the Premier League.


8 ․ In the second game in a row, Vladimir Azarov does not leave the field without a goal. In the previous round, in the match with "Lori", he saved "Noah" from defeat, and in the game with "Alashkert" he scored the winning goal. In the current championship, Azarov has already scored 7 goals, 4 of which are in the spring. He is the second most efficient player in "Noah" after Maxim Mayrovich, who scored 9 goals.


9 ․ Dmitry Abakumov defended the goal of "Ararat-Armenia" for the 42nd time in the RA championships and was included in the top ten of the most experienced foreign goalkeepers, leaving out of the list the former goalkeeper of "Urartu" Dmitry Vorobyov, who played 41 games. The list is headed by "Urartu" goalkeeper Anatoly Ayvazov, who took part in 104 matches. Among the foreign goalkeepers participating in the championship are Ognjen Chancharich from Alashkert (58 games), Andria Dragoich from Pyunik (56) and Vsjolod Yermakov from Shirak (53).


Abakumov has kept a clean sheet in five of his last six league games, conceding just one goal. In the current championship, he has not conceded a goal in 7 out of 14 games. In 23 of the 42 matches played in the Premier League, Abakumov kept the goal unbeaten.


10 ․ 22-year-old Lori goalkeeper Vardan Shahatuni kept the goal unbeaten for the 7th time in the current championship. With that figure, he is the best with Dmitry Abakumov. In 16 matches, Shahatuni conceded the same number of goals.


The facts were presented by Vnews.am.








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