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"If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have scored that glorious goal." The inspiring story of Beckham and the little girl

In the 2002 World Cup qualifiers, England were defeated by a strong Germany. The Bundesteam, however, was not in a good condition. After the "Golden Euro" in 1996, the "car" did not impress in any way at either the 1998 World Cup or the Euro 2000. Although England repeated the same path of the Germans, they even played with them in the same group of Euro 2000, but at least it showed bright football. For example, the 1998 England-Argentina match is not forgotten even today.


Fate again forced England and Germany to express "their love for each other" in the qualifying round of the 2002 World Cup. It became clear in which of the teams in the fall of 2001, when they came out of the locker room of the Berlin Olympics. Before the start of the match, the chances were equal, but 90 minutes later a score was lit on the scoreboard, the image of which even throws the German fan into a cold fever today. 1-5… And that's in case Yanker opened the score.


Just a few weeks after this game, the English team had to compete with the Greek team at home in the last round of the group stage. As of the 90th minute of the match, the "triplets" lost, and the Germans had a draw with the Finns. Such a sequence of events would send the English into transition games, but Dide Beckham disagreed.


At a distance of more than 25 meters from the opponent's goal, the English received the right to a penalty. When everyone was disappointed, when the fans, even the players, imagined their future rivals in the transition games, Beckham reminded the world of his unsurpassed right, turning the ball incredibly around the far top corner of the goal defended by Antonios Nikopolidis.


After the game, Beckham announced that his goal and the success of the English team would not have been possible without little Christie Howard. The 6-year-old girl was to accompany the captain of the England national team in the official part of the game with the Greeks. It was very difficult to look at the picture from the outside. The girl, half the height of Beckham's half, was attached to a huge oxygen machine, and long rubber tubes were attached to her nostrils.


"I asked him if he was worried, to which he only shook his head. When he answered me, I first told myself, and then I said out loud that the calmest person here was Christine, ”Beckham said years after the game.


Those who had never heard of Christie Howard immediately came up with the standard idea: a little girl who has trouble breathing or having a heart attack. But in reality, the picture was more painful than one might imagine. Christine had an exceptional disease. His heart was pounding. It is such a rare anomaly that it has not even been named. Before Christ, the disease had only one patient.


Doctors immediately predicted that they would not live with such a disease for more than 5 years, but Christine not only lived for 5 years, but even finished school and became the main face of all the charitable actions in England.


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