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"We know about 500 cases, but in reality the number of new cases is about 5,500." Hrant Mikaelyan

"There is such an indicator - a positive percentage of tests, that is, how many percent of the tests conducted during this period were positive, and the higher that percentage, the more undergraduates we have, because if we look at countries where testing has been very wide, we will see that There were 30-100 or even more negative tests for one positive test. In Georgia we have 73 negatives for 1 positive, in Armenia we have about 5 negatives for 1 positive, and in recent days we have about 2.5. This means that the under-registration is very high, and according to that, we know about 500 cases, but in reality the number of new cases is about 5,500, "Hrant Mikaelyan said during the 168TV's" Review "program.


According to him, the authorities made two mistakes. "First of all, they did not have a planned policy to achieve any results, they did not understand what they were fighting against, how they were fighting, that is, a rather impulsive policy was being pursued. Second, they gave in to the temptation that the Swedish model was working, it would work in Armenia as well. And the side effect here is that they were afraid of social unrest, they were afraid that social tensions would increase, because the economy began to decline quite rapidly. "









02 / 06 / 2020 22 : 04

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