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In the conditions of the coronavirus, there is no water in the press building for two weeks

Throughout the day, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health announced on all TV channels, media and the Internet that in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus and reduce the risk of infection, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene, especially frequent washing. Wonderful.


In the press building, where there is no ordinary water supply as such and artesian water is supplied, it has not been there for more than two weeks. The pump is broken. High-rise workers have to carry buckets of water from the first floor to at least use the bathroom.


The building is on the balance of the State Property Management Committee, the chairman of which is a member of the CP, the husband of the NA deputy. Well, if members of the ruling party work like this, what can we expect from others?


It should be reminded that in January a fire broke out from the cables in the same press building, which took about a month to eliminate the consequences.

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02 / 06 / 2020 21 : 59

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