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"A monopoly has been created through them, not a competitive field. The telephone is the most illegal device in the online taxi service. ”

The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure plans to regulate the legislative gaps in the field of passenger taxi services, increase the level of control over the sector and the quality of service.


In the field of taxi service, the state license fee for organizations and individual entrepreneurs is set at 100,000 drams per year.


Representatives of the sphere say that this will cause a number of complications. Taxi drivers either have to register as private individuals or LLCs (pay 100,000 drams a year, up to 11,000 drams a month, depending on the tax regime, as well as a monthly state fee of 9,500 drams for a taxi license in Yerevan). and continue to work with online taxi services, or get a free license and not work with online platforms.


According to them, although there are provisions aimed at regulating the sphere, in our opinion, they are incomplete.


For example, Article 1, Paragraph 15 of Part 1 of Article 4 of the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On Motor Transport” of December 5, 2006 HO-233-N (hereinafter referred to as the Law): “Passenger car-taxi: light” Passenger car, through which, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, service is provided, it is proposed to rewrite: "Transportation by taxi (motor vehicle) with up to 5 seats (including the driver's seat), although with passenger cars and luggage orders (regardless of the order), paid transportation activities." In other words, a significant number of passenger cars are artificially pushed out of taxis, and the number of seats, except for the driver's seat, is six to eight.


According to Vahagn Sahakyan, President of the Taxi Employers' Union, it is already unequal and very unfair to equate the license fee for 1, 10 and 100 cars. As for the issues and remarks they raised, there have been no discussions or invitations yet.


"I have offered to organize a public discussion, if not, we will have to apply to the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to meet with him and discuss the issue," Vahagn Sahakyan told.


He did not agree with the claims of the representatives of the online taxi sector that the competitive field created by the project will disappear.


"A monopoly has been created through them, not a competitive field. When they arrived, there were 1,100 taxi services. Until 2010, all the cars were renewed. The biggest goal of online taxis is to use a phone instead of a taxi meter. They will pass that one point, it is the sea. If they can't use the phone instead of the meter, they won't be able to compete with the taxi services, because that phone is the most illegal device that exists in that service. They will do whatever they want with that phone. I'm not even talking about danger. It is generally forbidden to use a telephone at the wheel of a car, ”said the chairman of the Taxi Employers' Union.


According to him, phones and laptops cannot serve as a "measurement measure" because they do not meet the requirements of the presented standards, in particular, they are not subject to sealing and, of course, are out of the control of the state.







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