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You constantly hear the cries of your grandparents in the rooms next to you, who are much older ...

Attorney Karen Mezhlumyan announced on his Facebook page that he is infected with a coronavirus.



“You wake up in the morning and feel pain in your back muscles. You are in a thermometer, 37+.



Medicines, vitamins ... In the evening 38+. Shrink (paracetamol). Also at night. Delivery COVID 19 test. This is positive. Hospitalization. X-rays, injections, systems, daily blood transfusions, pills ... Constantly ringing in the ears in neighboring rooms, much older than the pain of grandparents ...



Your adult family members are in the same situation.



What did I say? If we follow basic safety rules, such as wearing a mask, social distance, etc., we will not get infected, we will not take the infection home, and our family will not be in this situation.



In general, is it worth it to communicate with even the closest person in a meeting during an epidemic, if he does not care about your health, the health of your family and does not wear a mask during contact?



To be healthy! 

31 / 05 / 2020 13 : 47

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