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"It is necessary to take a serious approach ․ For 12 days I felt neither taste nor smell. ” The journalist's coronavirus history

In a conversation with Aravot.am, Nazeli Elbakyan, an expert and information specialist of the Information and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who also had a coronavirus, said that she did not experience any stress when receiving the test answer. He has always thought and provided, there can be no exception, as everyone, as well as himself, can get sick at any moment. When he was called and informed that he had been in contact with the infected person, he consciously approached that it was possible that he was also infected.

The journalist says that despite the strict observance of the rules of hygiene during the whole spread of the virus, he always wore a mask and gloves, used alcohol, however, there is a time when the disease does not bypass you.

Nazeli Elbakyan has already fully recovered, she presented her experience of how she overcame it.

"In the beginning, when there were no symptoms, on the evening of May 1, a slight cough started, which I didn't even pay attention to. On the morning of May 2, they called me and informed me that I was in contact with a person who had been diagnosed with coronavirus. I communicated with the mentioned person on April 27. In other words, the light cough from April 27 to the evening of May 1 was not a symptom. When they informed me on May 2 that they would take me to solitary confinement, I did a thermometer and saw that I had a fever of 37 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit [37 ․ C], and I chose to go to the hospital right away.

Since I was in Gyumri at that time, I applied to the Gyumri Infectious Diseases Hospital, and after passing the relevant inspections, a sample was taken the next day, and about three days later the test result was positive. Before receiving the answer, the other symptoms appeared: lack of taste and smell. I didn't feel any taste or smell at all, it wasn't like the flu, it was a headache and indescribable weakness, and my fever had risen to more than 38. The lack of taste and smell lasted for about 12 days, on the 13th day I just felt that it was slowly recovering. I stayed in Gyumri Infectious Diseases Hospital for five days, because I did not have pneumonia, there was no complication of the disease, they took me to Tsakhkadzor. I stayed there for 7-8 days, again under the supervision of doctors. The thermometer was taken 2-3 times a day and after that a sample was already taken, I was brought home with a double negative test result. I have no other virus, I have completely recovered, but for 14 days I have been isolated at home because I was weak and there was a fear that the flu or other diseases would suddenly take over my body. I have already come out of self-isolation, "said Nazeli Elbakyan.

He also said that while going to Gyumri for infectious diseases, he took perfume with him to test whether it smelled or not;

"I had perfume in my bag, I was constantly checking my sense of smell, because I had heard that one of the symptoms of the disease was the lack of smell. On the first day and until the evening of the next day, my sense of smell was still there, but then I could not smell the perfume at all.

And to check the lack of taste, I cut the fruit, turned off the light in the hospital room, and ate it to see if I could taste it. In fact, I couldn't taste it, it was a memory. ”

We also inquired whether he had taken any medicine during his illness or that he had been treated with vitamins and fruits.

"Since I did not have any complications from the disease, I received only regular heat exchangers in case of high fever and the vitamin saturation was through vitamins, food and fruits. I have not received any other medicines, ”said Nazeli Elbakyan.

He also said that they had a special attitude. The medical staff of Gyumri Infectious Diseases Hospital took great care of everyone.

"They tried to change the mood of the patients with care and human approach. Many have pointed out that it is necessary to get rid of fears, because immunity falls due to fear, it is not able to fight against the virus. I only received positive charges from the medical staff, they worked day and night. ”

According to our observation, there are many who do not believe in the existence of the disease, our interlocutor said. "I just want to say that people should be careful, the disease exists, I have gone through all that, fortunately, I have recovered. I have never had a disease, and as a healthy, young organism, I have been relatively exposed to this virus, but it took me a month to fight and recover from it. ”







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