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"There is terror in the law enforcement system. They want Pashinyan's speech, to see how they get out from under it. " Ara Vardanyan

Armenia is left alone in the negotiations on the Artsakh issue, the co-chairing countries are acting against us, Azerbaijan is also against us, while the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan states that Aliyev is constructive. Today, politician Ara Vardanyan said on 168TV's "Review" program, noting that this situation around the Artsakh issue is also the reason why all the opposition forces in power are consolidating.


"The society understands that the apology of this Government is already a danger both physically and in connection with the infection, and it is dangerous in the Artsakh issue. I think the time will come when Nikol Pashinyan will have to leave under external, internal pressures, and there will be external pressures on him, both in the relations with Artsakh and Russia. The actions of Pashinyan and his team are a betrayal of relations between Artsakh and Russia, "Vardanyan said, noting that there has never been a time in Armenia's history when all opposition forces opposed the government.


According to him, at the same time, the opposition forces, whose first important issue on the agenda is not the issue of relations with Artsakh and Russia, are in their pockets.


Ara Vardanyan also touched upon the situation in the legal system and noted that the head of the government makes such statements in connection with various cases, after which the law enforcement agencies have serious problems to give a legal look to what he said.


"Yesterday, Prime Minister Pashinyan made a statement in connection with Mikael Minasyan. I am convinced that now terror is taking place in the legal system, people say, give Nikol Pashinyan's speech, let's see how we get out from under it, while in the legal system the opposite should have happened. This is the situation in the case of March 1, when nothing has been revealed so far, "Vardanyan said.







28 / 05 / 2020 22 : 14

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