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"We drank wine in Artsakh. Can Gevorg Petrosyan drink wine through a mask?" Alen Simonyan

Today we asked the NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan whether the NA leadership can reprimand the deputy and remove him from the hall for not wearing a mask, whether he has that authority or not. It should be reminded that Ararat Mirzoyan reprimanded Edmon Marukyan, who described it as illegal.


Alen Simonyan answered. "The NA leadership should ensure the normal process in the NA sitting hall. If such a thing happens in the NA session hall in the case of a co-worker, someone says, "I'm not wearing a mask, so what does this mean? If you come to someone special, you want to infect them." It may not be specifically stated in the NA Rules of Procedure that they can do this to wear a mask, but the world is not familiar with COVID, we have all seen it in movies for the first time. And to play it, you know what, you can't, yes, the NA deputies have to be insured in the NA session hall, because we also have older deputies in the session hall, who still come, work, and we have no right to risk them. " :


To our observation, Edmon Marukyan says that your flash mob wearing a mask is acting, because when he said, wear a mask, you didn't do it, now that it's over, you've started wearing a mask, Alen Simonyan responded. "The theme of the mask is changing day by day all over the world. The WHO has made conflicting statements about the mask and has not yet been proven, but today all countries around the world say that the mask is 90% preventable. And if we have a 90 percent chance of prevention, we have to take that step, because it's about people's lives. " As for acting, Alen Simonyan said. "If we talk about acting, I lose to Edmon Marukyan in that matter."


As for acting, Alen Simonyan said. "If we talk about acting, I lose to Edmon Marukyan in that matter."


The journalists criticized the oppositionists, particularly Gevorg Petrosyan, that if the mask was prevented, why were they having fun in Artsakh without keeping their distance, without having a mask, and the pictures appeared on the Internet. Alen Simonyan answered that in Artsakh there is a different legal regime, wearing a mask is not obligatory, secondly, they were not in a closed, but in an open area, thirdly, they drank wine, and it is not possible to drink wine with a mask. "I don't know if Gevorg Petrosyan can drink wine with a mask or not, but it's physically impossible to do that." Alen Simonyan, however, acknowledged that this was a mistake because they set an example for others.


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27 / 05 / 2020 22 : 43

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