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"The last beat of the drum will be heard soon." Why does the legendary Manolo sell his drum?

If you like football, then you must visit Spain. The following lines may surprise many, but imagine: In addition to "Real" and "Barcelona", there are other clubs in the red part of the Iberian Peninsula. One of such teams is "Valencia". The team of the Spanish city of the same name, with the number of its fans in the homeland, is, of course, inferior to the mentioned grandees, but it can easily set foot with any other team with big names, such as "Sicily" or "Atletico".


If you are in Spain, be sure to visit Valencia. In this city you will find not only Spain, but also one of the oldest and most beautiful stadiums in European football - "Australia", where fans of such a great football player as the world champion Mario Kempes and the best midfielder of Europe in 2001 according to UEFA Gaiska Mendieta cheered the fans.


If you are in Valencia and don't even know anything about Spanish, you can approach any passerby (except tourists) on the street and say "Manolo del Bombo". Rest assured, you will be escorted to Valencia, as well as one of the most famous bars in all of Spain, where you will feel the breath of football as soon as you enter, and you will see a heavy man with a big ciolo. You will recognize him from the first moment. Didn't you see him on TV during the Spanish national team games? He is Manolo.


Interestingly, few outside of Spain know his full name, Manuel Caceres Altero. Now he is over 70, but he has hardly changed since the day he became famous all over the world. Only the hair is slightly bleached. Being that kind owner, he is also a bartender and waiter, he can eat delicious bread at affordable prices, taste ice-cold beer in the heat of summer, take pictures with him and hear various stories about world and European championships.


To this day, we write reports and films about Manolo (let's say we write this text, taking the coronavirus out of my mind), doing interviews with him. Rest assured, Manolo's drum has been performed in more countries and cities around the world than a large number of our population. It has become his business card, even his passport. During any international match of the Spanish national team, in the World Cup or Euro match, the broadcasting directors try to catch Manolo in the frame. and they find it easy. It's easy to find a person with a huge belly and a drum, isn't it?


Manolo was born not in Valencia but in Wesca. After playing in the local teams of the same name, he realized that football is more beautiful and pleasant from afar, with the eyes of a fan. One day he brought a drum to the team's home game with him and started inspiring the players. Shortly afterwards, he became an integral part of Wesca, then Valencia and the Spanish national team.


Manolo opened his first bar in 1968 in the same Wesca. He operated it for about 10 years. However, in 1979, Manolo's life changed 180 degrees. He left for Cyprus, where the Spanish team was holding its next match. He liked that experience and the trip, he decided not to miss another match of the national team.


"Of course, it was not possible to follow all the games physically. I have days in my calendar when I didn't have to go to the stadium and didn't support the "red fury", but believe me, those reasons are respectable. For example, during the World Cup in South Africa, I had to return to my homeland, so I missed the quarterfinals. I was terribly ill. After receiving treatment, I returned and made it to the semifinals, ”recalls Manolo.


Manolo was best known for the 1982 World Cup. He had a bar but no car. He had to drive the whole World Cup by car, somehow placing his giant drum in the small Spanish cars. By the way, according to him, if it weren't for that drum, he would hardly have been able to cross that distance with an autostop.


Thus, Manolo appeared in Valencia, where he settled, started working, raised money, after which he opened his legendary bar at "Mestalla". However, love for football and dreams does not always bring happiness to a person. In 1987, he received the first severe and severe blow of his life.


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