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Britain’s plan to ease lockdown met with widespread confusion







Boris Johnson announced a new “stay alert” slogan and a reopening timeline for the country on Sunday. Johnson some people should return to work immediately and that unlimited exercise was now permitted for all, CNN reports.

But on Monday, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab deviated from the Prime Minister's announcement on several points during an interview with the BBC.

The British government will release a 50-page document providing more details later today.

A change in message, but only for England

Johnson announced that England would change its messaging from "Stay home" to "Stay alert," putting it at odds with the UK's other three countries.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have extended their lockdowns to May 28. Officials from all three nations said there had been no coordination between their governments and Downing Street over the new messaging, and they would continue to spread the "Stay home" message among their own people.

Should people return to work?

Johnson said workers who could not work from home, including those in construction or manufacturing, could return to their jobs on Monday, though he urged those workers to avoid public transportation if possible.

Raab contradicted this on Monday, telling the BBC that workers should return to their posts on Wednesday, and refusing to answer whether employees would be able to walk out of workplaces they considered insecure.

“Employers have a duty on them to provide Covid-secure settings," Raab said.

The head of one of the UK's largest trade unions told the BBC on Monday that “millions of people” would be “dumbfounded” by the government’s plan.

When will the quarantine of foreign travelers begin?

Travelers entering the UK will be quarantined for 14 days, Johnson announced, but it is unclear when this measure will be put in place, and the policy will not apply to people traveling from France.

Raab was unable to say when the measure would start, and it is unclear whether the restrictions apply only to planes.




11 / 05 / 2020 15 : 18