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Russia now has the third-highest number of confirmed cases globally







Russia reported 11,656 more coronavirus cases on Monday, bringing the total case number in the country to 221,344, CNN reports.

The country is now ranked third in the world for confirmed cases, behind the US and Spain, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Moscow is the worst hit city in Russia, with 115,909 cases.

The Russian capital saw its mortality rate surge last month, with 11,846 death certificates registered, around 20% higher than a ten-year April average of 9,866 deaths.

Moscow's official coronavirus fatality count is low. The city reported 658 Covid-related deaths last month. Only 2,009 virus related fatalities have been reported across Russia overall.

Some critics and experts have said the country's relatively low death rate understates the true coronavirus death toll in Russia.

Many countries are using all-cause mortality statistics to better understand the impact of the pandemic, such as deaths from Covid-19 complications or possible indirect causes of death due to overcrowded ambulances and hospitals.






11 / 05 / 2020 15 : 12