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Changes have been made to the procedure for entering Armenia

Changes have been made to the procedure for entering Armenia

According to the RA Government's decision, a change has been made in the process of self-isolation and taking a COVID-19 test upon entering Armenia.

If a person submits the result of a negative coronavirus test that was conducted within 72 hours and the respective documents—in Armenian, Russian or English—upon entering Armenia, this person shall be exempt from self-isolation in the country.

It must be on a letterhead of the laboratory with a signature and seal, which should contain all the contact details of the organization that conducted the study, the name of the director, the name and surname of the person entering Armenia, document number (passport), year of birth..

If there is no result of a negative COVID-19 test, the person shall take the test at the international airports or the land border crossing of Armenia and must self-isolate until a negative PCR test is obtained.

The respective PCR test is performed at the expense of the person arriving.

The results of these PCR tests are registered in the ARMED system and are provided to the tested person within 48 hours.

In case of a negative result of the PCR test, the person can come out of self-isolation.

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