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Turk hitting peaceful demonstrator with hammer in France will pay 150,000 € fine and will be sentenced to 10 years of prison

On October 28, Armenians living in France twice blocked the A7 highway in the Isere region during demonstrations.


The game shows that the Armenians of the time closed the highway, which needed about 5 Turks (exact number is not mentioned - 3-5).


It is mentioned that the Turks attacking the demonstrators may have been crucified at that time, seeing the Armenians, "they attacked them with hammers, knives, mortals.About 10 Armenians were injured, including women and children. After hitting one of the young Armenians in the head with a hammer, the Turks resisted and fled.


One of the demonstrators expressed the opinion that the Turkish youth were aware of the Armenian demonstration in advance, that is why they were "prepared" to attack the Armenians with a hammer, knife and sticks.


Seeing the dying demonstrator, who was severely wounded in the head, did not allow the other demonstrators to control themselves, giving in to their emotions, using force against the Turks who attacked them, as a result of which the Turks were "injured" and needed medical help.


The French law enforcement bodies are working to find out all the circumstances of the incident. According to preliminary data, a Turk hitting with a hammer will pay 150,000 € bill and will be imprisoned for 10 years.

29 / 10 / 2020 14 : 54

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