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President Aliyev stop, do not destroy our children. The wife of the Azerbaijani pilot killed in Artsakh has revealed the secrets of the Azerbaijani army

President Aliyev stop, do not destroy our children. The wife of the Azerbaijani pilot killed in Artsakh has revealed the secrets of the Azerbaijani army.


The Wife of Sabir Vali, who was Azerbaijani Air Force pilot's wife was killed in Karabakh, published a message to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, where she told about the horror on the front lines of the Azerbaijani army, the confusion of thousands of corpses and Syrian mercenaries.
The translation of the scandalous letter is presented below.

"I am the wife of the deceased pilot of the Azerbaijani Air Force, Valiya Sabina Chingiz Kiz. I appeal to the entire people of Azerbaijani, to the governments of different countries. On October 3, 2020, my husband, Vali Sabir, a pilot of the Azerbaijani Air Force, was wounded in Karabakh. He died, but his body has not been found yet. His comrade-in-arms called me (I can't mention his name) and told me this news. I asked why Sabir had not been catapulted, and he replied that we could not do it, he was prepared so that we would not be captured, because Turkish pilots were flying with us, two of them had already died. And if they or we are taken prisoner, Azerbaijani will have big problems, our ticket is in one direction.
I do not care what problems Azerbaijani will have. His comrade-in-arms also said that soldiers are treated worse ․ They are sent to the front line without armor, like meat. Thousands of corpses are scattered and rotting ․ It violates our Islamic traditions; our Ministry of Defense does not even stop to collect the bodies.

Another soldier told me that the soldiers were thrown to the front along with the garbage from the Middle East, there were real criminals ․ Soldiers are not spared, several hundred soldiers are killed in one battle, commanders are afraid to tell the truth to our president ․ In order not to be punished, new soldiers are sent to the front. The military tells me that if the population finds out about our losses, they will simply destroy the Government. I see many photos of our dead martyrs who have suffered, but for the authorities they are just pieces of meat.
I appeal to my people, government, world, governments of different countries, with one request: to stop the war, to punish our government for the inhuman treatment of its own people, the martyrs.
President Aliyev, stop, do not destroy our children. Your generals lie to you, they hide our losses from U and inhuman treatment of soldiers. Get rid of the Middle East terrorists from our country. Let Erdogan shed the blood of his soldiers in his own land for his own interests. I know that when they know that I have appealed to the world community, they will start persecuting me and denying their words. I will try to be persistent.
Please make your voice heard. ”
Translation of the scandalous message of the wife of the pilot of the Azerbaijani Air Force. The Azerbaijani government is doing everything possible to block his letter everywhere. This was the text of his letter.


07 / 10 / 2020 20 : 15

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