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28.09.2020 00:32

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Well-known Armenians have expressed their concern and called for peace

Well-known Armenians have expressed their concern and called for peace

A number of famous Armenians including Kim Kardashian, Serj Tankian, Alexis Ohanian, Garik Martirosyan and Michael Galustian from all around the world continue to speak up about the situation in Nagorno Karabkah and condemn Azerbaijani aggression.

In her Instagram, Kim Kardashian referred to the situation, in particular, condemning the actions of Azerbaijan  and Turkey and called on the White House to take steps to restrain Azerbaijan. She writes:

“Armenians in #Arstakh have been attacked. We are praying brave men & women risking their lives to protect Artsakh & #Armenia. The news is misleading & these are not "clashes." Armenia has been the victim of unprovoked attacks by Azerbaijan & the predictable disinformation campaign that accompanies them. Azerbaijan is blocking social media except for war propaganda. We need international observers to investigate & call for international political and diplomatic measures to prevent unnecessary escalation & tragedy. Please use: anca.org/alert to call on the White House & Congress Azerbaijan's attack on #Artsakh, call upon Baku to cease all offensive uses of force, cut off all US military aid to #Azerbaijan being used against Armenians & warn #Turkey to stop sending arms & fighters to Baku.”



Earlier today, Serj Tankian, famous Armenian rock singer has also  wrote:

It is clear that the corrupt petro-oligarchic leadership of Azerbaijan has planned this all out attack against Nagorno-Karabakh for a while: the warning signs were there from importing of fighters by Turkey from Syria to the recent US State Dept embassy warnings. This is a premeditated war crime attacking civilians on the streets of the capital of Artsakh. Meanwhile Azerbaijan has cut off all internet except Twitter so they can use it to export disinformation. The dirty petro-oligarchs are afraid of their own people so they’re starting a war-not an original concept. Armenia on the other hand is a progressive democracy thanks to the peaceful 2018 Velvet Revolution. It’s time for a revolution in Baku. And only then will peace be achieved between these 2 nations.”



Armenian businessman Alexis Ohanyan has showed his concern and support to Armenia by sharing the above-mentioned posts of Kim Kardashian and Serzh Tankian on his Instagram page.



The Armenian football player Henrikh Mkhitaryan also referred to the events this morning on his Facebook page, by urging the international community to take steps to ensure peace in the region.


"I woke up this morning learning about the large scale attack of Azerbaijani army on #NagornoKarabakh (a de-facto independent state populated by Armenians) targeting civilian population in Stepanakert and surrounding areas. I call on the international community to urgently stand up and to help stop the military actions against the regional peace and security. We have an unalienable right to live in our homeland without an existential threat. Our children have the right to live in peace rather than hiding in shelters. I always stand by my Nation🤍#ArstakhStrong"



Famous Armenian comedian Garik Martirosyan has also posted in his Instagram referring to the situation in Artsakh. He writes:


“NO WAR! WE ARE FOR PEACE! Today, the Azerbaijani authorities, with the full military and informative support of Turkey (no one is hiding this anymore !!!), launched a new war against the Armenians! War and violence are the barbaric and naive methods of the Azerbaijani oil regime to intimidate the Armenian population. And all this is happening in the 21st century, when everyone can see and hear everything. Armenian civilians were killed and wounded this morning as a result of artillery shelling of Armenian settlements by Azerbaijani troops. The killings continue even now! "Counteroffensive" - ​​this is how the authorities of Azerbaijan call a POWERFUL AND CAREFULLY PLANNED military attack in ALL DIRECTIONS !!! Each time, Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of provocations and outbreak of war. TURN ON YOUR LOGIC, everyone! Azerbaijan's disinformation has reached the peak of stupidity.


Attention! Armenia could not attack or provoke a country with which Armenia has no problems. IT IS POINTLESS! Only the authorities of Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey, have problems. Only they benefit from the war! Armenia does not. No Armenian wants war. We do not want victims either from our side or from the other. Stop the war. We are for peace!”


Another well-known humorist Mikhail Galustyan has also condemned the Azerbaijani actions toward Nagorno Karabakh. He expressed his concern over the situation and emphasized that Turkey is also involved in this war.

Dear friends, I have been anxiously following the news – in front of us, peaceful people are being killed. This is WAR, again! And again, the aggressive actions of the Azerbaijani authorities against the Armenian population,and again under the false slogan counter-measures and counterattacks.

There are no fools. This is a well-prepared war, everyone understands it. People are dying, civilians are dying, which is just horrifying ... Turkey openly (with no hesitation anymore) supports this war! Stop the war. We are against war! Armenians are for peace!”


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