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The names of the servicemen killed during the repulse of the Azerbaijani aggression . Shushan Stepabyan

These are the names of the servicemen killed during the repulse of the Azerbaijani aggression


Arzumanian Hasmik Smbat Was born in 1985


Vardanian Lernik Areg Was born in 1978


Minasian Georgi Lyova Was born in 1979


Khachatrian Hovik Lyova Was born in 1990


Mnatsakanian Ashot Kolia Was born in 1979


Harutyunian Agsen Andranik Was born in 1997


Mardinian Arsen Garik Was born in 1999


Galstian Rouben Mnatsakan Was born in 2000


Torosian Davit Mkhitar Was born in 2001


Philiposian Taron Hrayr Was born in 2000


Grigorian Mayis Makar Was born in 2001


Khglatian Garnik Edgar Was born in 2000


Sahakiam Eric Smbat Was born in 2001


Margarian Karen Vahram Was born in 2000


Ohanian Davit Edvard Was born in 2000


Barseghian Vrej Arsen Was born in 2001


We offer our condolences to the relatives of the victims and share the deep grief of corts.


Les militaires tués lors de la répulsion de l'agression azerbaïdjanaise:


Hasmik Smbat Arzumanyan, née en 1985


Vardanyan Lernik Areg, né en 1978


Minasyan Giorgi Lyova, né en 1979


Khachatryan Hovik Lyova, né en 1990


Mnatsakanyan Ashot Kolya, né en 1979


Harutyunyan Agsen Andranik, né en 1997


Mardiyan Arsen Garik, né en 1999

Galstyan Ruben Mnatsakan, né en 2000


Torosyan Davit Mkhitar, né en 2001


Taron Hrayr Filiposyan, né en 2000


Grigoryan Mayis Makari, né en 2001


Garnik Edgar Khlghatyan, né en 2001


Sahakyan Erik Smbat, né en 2001


Karen Vahram Margaryan, né en 2000


David Edward Ohanyan, né en 2000


Varezh Arsen Barseghyan, né en 2001


Nous offrons nos condoléances aux familles des victimes et partageons le chagrin de Corts

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